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For complete product guides and catalogs, scroll to the bottom of this page. If none of the official starter kits appeal to you, then you can still save 25% by filling your cart with whatever oils you like, in addition to the introductory enrollment package (which is just to activate your wholesale account). 

I've also created some custom kits based on what people often ask me for advice on! Click here for more information on those!


Why should I enroll with a starter kit? 

The official doTERRA starter kits are an amazing way to enroll as a new member, because they will save you a significant amount of money upfront, they waive the membership fee (meaning, you get your wholesale membership for free), and they take all of the guess work out of which oils to choose. It is literally one-click shopping. The kits are based on doTERRA's best selling oils, and what they know will support you and your family in the most economic and versatile way. 

Kits very slightly by country, so make sure you click on the links above to see what is currently available when you live! There is a kit to meet every budget. Below I've highlighted the most popular ones! 

All starter kits or custom kits included is a 1-hour private consultation with me, and ongoing support in our exclusive online community.


1) Family Essentials + Beadlets  KIT ($150 US/ $180 CAD) +     The Family Physicians Kit + Slim & Sassy KIT (115/ £92)


 This is our basic kit with the 10 most popular used essential oils. It is a great price point and comes with what you need to get your feet wet. The bottles are 5 ml and include your membership as well as Peppermint & On Guard Beadlets (This kit is called the Family Physicians kit + Slim & Sassy if you are in the UK or Europe!)! 


2) Aromatouch Diffused kit ($150 US / $180 CAD)

This kit can help support your immune and mental health. It includes 5 mL each of OnGuard, TeaTree, Balance Blend, Lavender, DeepBlue blend, Wild Orange and Peppermint. I love that it includes a diffuser and the fractionated coconut oil, so you can benefit from aromatic or topical application!


3) Emotional Aromatherapy Diffused Kit ($195 US/173/ £130)

This kit includes the entire emotional aromatherapy line, which has been scientifically formulated to target emotional health and well being. These oils are available in every market as individual oils to purchase, but not always as an official enrollment kit. The enrollment kit also includes the amazing Petal diffuser! 





3) Home Essentials Kit ( $275 US / $330 CAD/ €225 / £185) 

Save $86 US below wholesale by bundling these oils together! 

This is the kit most people start with! It has the 10 core essential oils you’ll need to get going but in a 15ml size – so you get more bang for your buck. Also included is an essential oil diffuser which is crucial to your essential oil usage!



4) The Natural Family Wellness Kit (Wholesale: $600 CAD (take 20% off for November 2017)).  


The Natural Family Wellness is a great starter kit for someone who wants to start swapping out the yucky chemical filled products in their home as well as start their oil collection with the most popular oils!

This kit also comes with 5 doTERRA touch pre-diluted rollers that are perfect for kids! 

You are saving $163 CAD below wholesale prices,  you will receive100 free product credits (1 credit = roughly $1!), and start receiving points back at a 15% rate if you opt into the Loyalty Rewards Program.


5) The Every Oil Kit ($1775 US / $1975 CAD / € 1675 / £1345)

This kit saves $330 CAD below retail. 

The Every Oil Kit is for you if you really want to start with ALL THE OILS (and no products). You want to be able to make every blend and be able to have lots of oils to share and bless your friends. You'll receive an awesome durable carrying case and one of my favorite waterless diffusers, the Cloud. Please note that you will also be receiving 2 very special oils that are not available for individual sale: Melissa and Roman Chamomile. This kit allows you to "skip ahead" in the Loyalty Rewards system to get 20% back every time you order. 




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If you currently live in a country not listed here, no problem! Please message me, and I will get you the information!