Why align yourself with dōTERRA?

dōTERRA is a wellness company that makes the purest therapeutic essential oils in the world as their core product. You can read all about their ethical sourcing methods, world class testing standards, and philanthropic efforts right here.

How does this impact your business? Well, the product sells itself, it works and it’s consumable. {Because of this, dōTERRA has a ~70% retention rate of users - whereas almost every other network marketing company has 10-15% retention}. And,  it’s a product that you can market in a way that aligns with what you already do, and who you want to serve.

Essential oils of this quality is still a (very) untapped market... less than 1% of the population use essential oils... but over 70% of the population are interested in using natural products to improve their health.

The company has an amazing vision to help every home feel empowered to use natural approaches in their health and self care. And while they have blessed us with these powerful essential oils, there’s a beautiful shift happening in the biz landscape today because of them.  Money speaks, and dōTERRA is making a huge impact in what it means to be a conscious consumer. They have transparent leadership, are debt-free, and the company culture is one of community, not competition. 

WHy the network marketing model?

First of all - I used to have the same skeptical feeling about network marketing as you may have. What was missing for me in the past when I was approached by other companies (constantly!!) was that I didn’t have a strong belief in what the product could solve for people.

There are 3 things you will want to always investigate when you are looking at a network marketing opportunity:


Product :: People :: Pay


Thanks to their amazing products, heart-centered leadership, and amazing financial plan, I have come to love direct selling and believe it is the BEST business model for truly helping others and being recognized for that with abundance and freedom.

We are always going to need healthcare and the demand for more natural solutions and prevention tools will always be there (and has never been as needed as much as today).  The essential oils and wellness products that dōTERRA provides are in high demand, all over the world. 

The reason dōTERRA set up  as a multi-level marketing company (also known as "network marketing" or "direct marketing") is because they want you to find a dōTERRA business owner (called a "Wellness Advocate") who supports, educates and helps people get the most out of their essential oils. They don't want people to just go into stores and buy them. They want people to be connected and helped through the process so they can get the most benefit out of the essential oils and become truly empowered with their health.

Being a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate isn't really about "selling" - it's about sharing, connecting and helping (and that could be in person, through classes, on-line... there are so many different ways to share!).

Essential oils are something people need to purchase again and again - which increases your earning rates as a business as you get a commission for everyone's orders for all time! Also... as you'll soon learn... they are a bit of an addictive thing that brings people so much joy!

If you’ve experienced the essential oils yourself - you can see that there is extreme value in bringing people together to educate them and allow them to experience the oils. So instead of doTERRA pumping their dollars into conventional marketing, they have created this ultimate growth model to pay their people to market.

And through this compensation model and your own creative expression - you can absolutely design a life perfect for you! You get to be in business for yourself...but not by yourself.

How do I start?

Many people start using the oils for personal use, fall in love with them and can’t help but want to share them with others. And just by doing that - they are building a dream biz serving others. That's what happened to me! Others immediately recognize the financial benefits of this business model, and build the business from day 1.

We are starting to experience awesome growth on our team and I attribute that to the quality of people we attract and the support we have in place to help you rock whatever you want to do.

When you first begin with us, we want to set you up for the greatest success by helping you start to use the oils and building your product knowledge and confidence in what sets doTERRA apart! We have solid plan in place to do just that.