1) What if I don't want a wholesale membership? 

You can totally buy doTERRA at retail prices. But if I can be honest for a second, it is by far in your best interest to join with a wholesale membership. This low, one time fee of $35 US/$35 AUD/$42 CAD/€20 (and similarly priced in other countries!) gives you 25% off the best quality (i.e. purest, most potent, most therapeutic) essential oils on the market.

And let me be clear that this is a flat fee, NOT a monthly fee. You aren't locked into anything, there are no monthly minimum orders, and you can purchase as little or often as you like. It's like belonging to Costco, but without the crazy lineups. As a bonus, with a wholesale membership you get my guidance and knowledge. This level of support is something that I offer exclusively to my wholesale customers and wellness advocates. And as an extra bonus, this fee is actually waived (i.e. it’s free) if you enroll with one of the official starer kits.

2) So, there really are no monthly minimums or hidden fees & obligations? 

Nope! If you are interested, and only if you are interested, doTERRA does offer an amazing loyalty rewards program for ordering monthly. If you choose to participate in that, you will get additional 10-30% back in free product (so, up to 55% off of the retail price!) but it is 100% optional. I will share more info on that with your welcome email! 

If you want to earn commission with doTERRA, then just make sure you enroll as a "Wellness Advocate" instead of a "Wholesale customer". In this way, by placing a monthly loyalty rewards order and sharing the oils with your community, you can earn your oils for free and even make enough to replace income from your day job.

3) Why are doterra oils so much more expensive than xyz brand?

Let me break it down for you why this simply isn't true! As I describe here, doTERRA oils are extremely potent and pure. You only need a few drops in your diffuser and 1-2 drops at a time topically. I've seen other brands recommend 10-20 drops in a diffuser! At that dose, you are going to be blowing through those 'cheaper' bottles a lot more quickly, with a lot less therapeutic benefit.

For a drop-by-drop analysis of what doTERRA oils really cost (in $US), a 15 mL bottle of oil has approximately 250 drops. Using the oils in the Home Essentials Kit as an example: 

1 drop of Lemon = $0.04

1 drop of Lavender = $0.08

1 drop of Peppermint = $0.08

1 drop of Oregano = $0.10

1 drop of Frankincense = $0.28

1 drop of Tea Tree = $0.08 

1 drop of OnGuard = $0.13

1 drop of Deep Blue = $0.38

1 drop of DigestZen = $0.12

1 drop of Breathe = $0.08

You can see that the cost to up-level your oils and your health is pennies a drop. Not to mention, you are going to be able to save money on all of the chemical cleaning/beauty/household items you will stop buying. 

4) Ok. I believe you. I really want to Buy doTERRA oils Now, but... I don't want To sell them or do the business Side of things. 

Awesome! I would hate for you to do anything that you don't want to do. I share and sell doTERRA because I love it, and get so much joy from helping people discover the power of essential oils and empowered healing. However, 90% of people who join doTERRA are just using essential oils for their own personal use! Only 10% make the leap to having their own business. Don't get me wrong, we'd love to have you join our growing team if that is speaking to you, but there is never, ever any pressure to sell. 

5) Is there a return policy? 

Yup! doTERRA completely stands behind the quality of their products and your happiness. If for whatever reason you want to return something, you can get a refund through doTERRA's world class customer service. And, you have me as your advocate to help you navigate those waters.  

6) What if I buy essential oils and then have no idea what to do with them?

That is the beauty of doTERRA! At the end of the day, we are all about education and empowerment. Unlike buying your oils at the mall or health food store, purchasing your oils here is only the beginning of your journey. As I mentioned above, enrolling with a wholesale membership and purchasing yours oils through me gives you exclusive access to my support, team, and resources! As soon as you sign up, you will receive a welcome email with a ton of bonus resources and guidance. You will never be on your own, and can participate in the education we offer to whatever extent you like. 

7) Do I have to live in North America or pay $US to get doTERRA oils? 

No! doTERRA is a global company, with distribution centers all over the world. I am supporting essential oil lovers in many different countries around the world, including Canada, the USA, Mexico, England, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, and Hong Kong. I have linked to country specific catalogs and price lists  in your local currency on my shop page

REady to get going? 

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