Hi, I'm LAura! 

I teach ancient wisdom, modern science and holistic solutions for empowered living.

I'm so proud of the global community of change makers gathering here, and so honoured to guide you on your natural health and essential oil journey. 


Most days you can find me working barefoot in my cozy beach-side apartment, music blaring and covered in cat hair. I love early morning coffee, late evening wine, sappy romance movies and the power of a good daydream.

I have a PhD in epigenetics, a Doctor of Naturopathy degree, and more than a dozen publications in international scientific journals. But a few years ago, I heard the call of ‘doctor heal thyself’ and radically changed my mind, my body, and my life. Now, if I’m not drooling over fresh flowers, writing novels, or igniting sparks of luminosity with my community, I’m off exploring our beautiful Earth, camera in hand (Instagram is my happy place!).

I believe in breaking the status quo. I believe that our emotions are the compass of our soul, and that it is safe to feel them. I believe we have the right to empowered health, nourished bodies and clear minds. I believe that you don’t need a million university degrees or qualifications to make that happen. I believe that if you have a dream, it is worth chasing. I believe that the era of the fierce feminine leadership is here, and that community trumps competition. I believe in raising the vibration of the planet one person at a time. I believe that it is our inherent right to shine, and when we do, we take the whole world with us.

My journey to doTERRA — a place where I feel totally aligned with how I'm here to serve — was a winding one that occured in perfect timing. The name dōTERRA means 'gift from the earth', and the oils have been a gift for me in more ways than one. I can't wait to hear how they serve you, too!  

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