Freedom. Purpose. Joy. Connection. Abundance.

Hi, I'm Laura, a recovering rat-race junkie and advocate for the high-vibe, natural life.  If there is one thing I've learned on my journey through various sides of healthcare, it's that financial security and career freedom are a huge part of health & happiness. They are just as important as what you put in and on your body.

When we are free of the heaviness of debt, money allows us to truly show up in the world. To live freely. To lead ourselves and others. And to give back in a big way.

If you are here, I know you are passionate about finding a more natural approach to your health and self-care. You also believe that it is totally possible to create a life that is full of choice and freedom. Whether you’ve been part of my community for a while, or we have just connected, please know you are not here by coincidence.  There is a part of you being pulled to seek change...whether that is more freedom in your finances, your time...or perhaps to help others in a bigger way.

So, with that in mind, let me ask you something. If you did nothing differently, would you be happy in 5 years being in the same spot you are today?

By incorporating dōTERRA essential oils into my life and business, I've cracked open my heart, unleashed my true potential, and have awoken to a new way of being, simply by inspiring others and sharing what I passionately believe in, with a company that has the highest retention rate in the natural wellness industry. As a huge bonus, that means I'm making REAL money and residual income by making a difference in people’s lives, connecting with the most inspiring leaders and visionaries, and staying in integrity with my values. 

At first, I actually didn't recognize the gift dōTERRA offered me. It all seemed to good to be true, and I was super skeptical of network marketing. But, once I understood the mission of dōTERRA, and how they have reinvented network marketing to create the most beautiful and aligned business model out there, there was no turning back. 

If you are ready for the next step, I'm ready to link arms with you to show you what an amazing gift the dōTERRA product, community and business opportunity can be for you and your family.


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My Journey to dōTERRA

People often read my story and wonder if they can build a natural health business without a science or medical degree. Trust me -- YOU CAN! The beautiful thing about dōTERRA is that all you need to begin building a thriving business is passion, desire and belief.  The power of dōTERRA's amazing products is that they are so accessible and easy to incorporate into one's daily life. I share my titles and degrees because I am grateful for the path that brought me here, and because I want you to know that I stand behind the quality, effectiveness and integrity of dōTERRA with everything that I am. When you join dōTERRA as a Wellness Advocate and mentor with me, I  promise to share all of my knowledge and research  with you, so that you can build your business and support others with the same confidence.

I know that my most potent medicine comes from leading, motivating, inspiring, and setting an example of what is possible. I know that the purpose of my journey through medical school wasn’t to become a doctor in the clinical sense; it was to awaken so I could build my toolbox and share what it means to live an abundant life.

There’s a word the Mayans use, Inlakesh which beautifully translates into “I am another you.” I have 100% faith in you and your dreams, and if you want to run with this, I will run with you. That is what I offer.

In a nutshell, my journey to dōTERRA really started when I graduated from university. I’ve always had this deep seeded desire to live an unconventional life, so I moved to the Netherlands without knowing anyone, and without speaking a word of Dutch. Don’t ask me why I didn’t consider England, Scotland, Ireland...basically any English speaking country, haha. Amsterdam and adventure called! It was risky, but I’m a full believer in ‘’everything happens for a reason’’.

Fast-forward seven years, and I found myself living in a tiny (but beautiful) town 2 hours south of Amsterdam, with a PhD degree in hand, a second language, a Dutch husband, and news that my Dad back in Canada had stage 4 cancer (spoiler alert: he died two weeks later). I was incredibly sad, but it was also the most profoundly enlightening period of my life. I began to question everything. Why, as a society, do we settle for statistics that 1 out of 2 people will get cancer in their life? How was it okay that I put things in my body and on my body that were full of chemicals that I couldn’t even pronounce? How was it suddenly normal that people in my immediate community were being diagnosed with autoimmune conditions as children, anxiety as teenagers, and infertility as adults? Why was there a general perception that life and happiness were out of our control? Was I really doomed to a crazy commute and sitting a desk and computer all day?

My answer was NO. So, I did something kind of crazy. I brought my Dutch husband home to Canada, and I went back to school to become a naturopathic doctor.  I really wanted to help people take control of their own health, and realize how good they could feel. Everything was moving along until about 3/4 through the 4 year/$100,000 program, when I realized  that I didn’t want to practice. At least, not in the model that is currently available in my home province of Ontario. Cue the panic attack.  

I didn’t realize the significance at the time, but this is when dōTERRA changed my life by providing me with oils that helped me create ritual, routine and clarity of thought. Surprisingly, they also totally elevated my health (we don’t get nearly enough oil education in naturopathic college! I actually didn’t realize that  they could be so healing!). At this point, I was very firm on “User only! I am never building the biz. I can’t do network marketing… I’m not good at sales! I don’t want to sell….” I told myself every story you can imagine. But I kept on loving and using my oils.

dōTERRA whispered softly to me for the next year or so. Finally, I hit a breaking point. I passed my medical licensing exams, but I knew my heart wasn’t in clinical practice.  I was doing various contracts for different educational institutions to pay the bills, which was fine, but didn’t fuel my soul. It suddenly hit me that I wasn’t walking my talk.  I told patients that it was 100% possible to live the life of their dreams--that nothing was impossible. So… how did I let myself get to this point where I was so stuck and unhappy? Why was I living in such fear about what people would think of me when I told them what i really wanted to do?  

I remember vividly when I decided to build dōTERRA. It was a full moon and I was thinking about what I wanted my life to look like. I wanted to help women be the best versions of themselves. I wanted to write novels. I wanted to take beautiful photographs as a I travelled around the world . I wanted to be present for my husband, and home for our future kids (without sacrificing my career). I wanted to share far and wide my passion for health, empowerment, and holistic living. I wanted to talk to cool people every day, without them looking to me to ‘fix them’, and I wanted to make good money doing it so I could give back to society in a way that filled my heart (and, to pay off those nasty med school loans!). Oh, and I just wanted to play with beautiful dōTERRA essential oils all day. I actually wrote, “I wish I could  build a dōTERRA business. That would be so fun.” And that’s when it hit me. Why couldn’t I do that?

So here I am. Building dōTERRA, living my dreams, and being happier and more fulfilled than I have in a long time. It fits so well into my life, and alongside all of my other business goals and obligations. I am growing an amazing team from  around the world who share this same high vibe lifestyle, and I mentor  a small  percentage of them who are  interested in turning their love for the oils into a business.

And this isn’t your average product biz where you host a few parties and get some free stuff. Nope. It is actually possible to replace your whole salary just by educating, inspiring and empowering others….there are people on my team who have done this while working full time jobs,  while on maternity leave, and with small children at home. You can build as quickly or as slowly as feels good for you. It is my goal to coach at least 3 people to Silver rank by the end of 2017. Maybe one of those people is you!

Through me and my team, you will also become part of a larger team lead by a Presidential Diamond (and is one of the most dynamic, supportive teams in the world!).  With all of the guidance available, it is not uncommon for builders on our team to hit Diamond rank in about  2 years. That translates into an average salary of $14,000 per month (US). Getting to that rank isn’t for everyone, but I feel it's important to share these numbers with transparency to show you that real true abundance can be created in this business.

I’m so grateful for these natural tools and the dōTERRA business, because they allow me to share my love of holistic health with people, without sacrificing my dreams of entrepreneurship, my desire to travel the world,  or my ability to create a solid income.  I’m so excited and grateful to be able to guide you in your own Authentic Network Marketing business too.